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The Aulas CIMNE (or CIMNE Classrooms) are physical spaces that act as joint-labs for cooperation in education and research and technology development (RTD) activities in the field of numerical methods in engineering. Each Aula is created by a partnership agreement between CIMNE and a university. Currently there are 32 Aulas CIMNE in the following countries:
Argentina (6), Spain (6), Mexico (3), Colombia (3), Brasil (3),
Chile (3), Perú (1), Cuba (2), El Salvador (1) and Guatemala (1).
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VII Reunión General de la Red de Aulas CIMNE

Dentro de los eventos de celebración del 30 Aniversario de CIMNE, ha tenido lugar en Barcelona...
Aula CIMNE-UCI organiza un taller de Matemática Computacional en UCIENCIA

La Universidad de las Ciencias Informáticas (UCI) de La Habana (Cuba) organiza con periocidad bineal
New Aula FIULS-CIMNE in Chile

From 16th to 18th October 2019, a delegation from the Faculty of Engineering of the University of...
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