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Severo Ochoa Coffee Talk [Round table] – «Working on site in times of the artificial intelligence», by Pol Toledano, Felipe Muñoz and Andrés Llopis

23 de mayo de 2022

Artificial intelligence, as well as the internet of things, drones, blockchain and digital twins, are disciplines that are becoming much more common and that are already covering fully productive links in the value chain of the industry, construction sector included.

However, when we think about (and witness) the processes on site, it gives the impression that they continue to be made with little change, alien to all these emerging technologies. From the academic world it is easy to imagine a construction developed to the last detail by means of design and simulation programs, to then move to work through sophisticated construction techniques, with prefabricated modules and 3D printing. On the job site, the problems tend to be quite different, with other priorities, economic and human realities, which explain the difficulties in driving such innovations and adopting all this paradise of new technological solutions.

This round table aims to review the situation of adoption of new technologies on site. For this, the BIMtable device developed by PMS in collaboration with COMSA and CIMNE will be presented as an attempt to imagine a digitization that is compatible with the dust and mud typical of construction works.


Pol Toledano is a civil engineer from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC), a student of the Master in Civil Engineering from the UPC and is currently working on the start-up 011h Sustainable Construction, where he is responsible for promoting digitization in works. Its work is based on identifying the needs that the sector requires in the field of project implementation, whose digitization can help eliminate.

Felipe Muñoz is a civil engineer by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Valparaíso (PUCV-Chile), master in BIM Management and in Smart City Management. He is a PhD student at the UPC (Civil Engineering Program), a researcher at the CIMNE and a professor at the PUCV-Chile. His research work focuses on the use of new methodologies and emerging technologies in the Architecture, Engineering and Construction industry (Construction 4.0, Building Information Modeling – BIM, Lean Construction, Virtual and Augmented Reality).

Andrés Llopis is an architect by the Universitat Internacional de Catalunya (ESARQ, UIC) and CEO of the company Portable Multimedia Solutions (PMS), designer of the BIMTable device and expert in multimedia solutions for ephemeral and itinerant uses. Participant in different workshops related to ephemeral architecture, passive sustainability, new materials and new uses of urban space. He is responsible in PMS for the design of architectural tents and mimetic integration of hardware devices.

Moderated by Ignacio Valero and Javier Mora:

Ignacio Valero, engineer of School of Civil Engineering by the UPC, has specialized in the field of occupational risk prevention, both in the private and academic spheres. He has moderated numerous round tables and similar events in environments such as the International ORP Foundation, CIMNE, the Biomimetic Sciences Institute Foundation, etc. over the last ten years.

Javier Mora is a Telecommunications Engineer (UPC, 1992), PhD in Telecommunications Engineering from the Technical University of Catalonia (UPC, 1998). Project manager and researcher at CIMNE. Principal investigator of two projects in collaboration with COMSA and PMS for the digitalization on site using BIMTable devices. Currently working in the field of extended reality for the construction sector.